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Gasified dissolving and integrated doser

Liquid-liquid pipeline mixer

Perforated pipe with divergent tube sludge discharging device

Folding plate, grating bar and grid

Full plastic copolymer-class honeycomb inclined tube, inclined plate and U-shape insertion type inclined tube

Adjustable stainless steel header tank

New filtering head and filtering plate

New integral casting filtering plate for filtering tank

Chlorine leakage absorption security device

Sewage (source water slight polluted ) biochemical treatment system device

LC water plant type purification device

LC type small resistance diffusing even oxygen aerator

Desalination technology

Central control system

Automatic charging reagent control system

Filtering tank automatic control system

Automatic charging chlorine control system

Variable frequency and constant pressure water supply system

Urban sewage treatment control system

Industrial television monitoring system
        Zhejiang Lianchi Water Works Equipment Co., Ltd. is the executive director member unit of China's Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, vice director unit of China's Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association Equipment Committee, and the vice director unit of CAEPI Zhejiang Branch and is the key enterprise specialized in the industrial project general contract of the environmental protection water industry, general contract of the construction of new water supply plant and the technological innovation of the old water plant, general contract of sewage plant, the supply of complete sets of equipment and products, the project investment, financing, development and operation, EOT trusteeship operation, the general contract of sea water desalination project and the general contract and equipment providing for towns and villages, schools, army, small and medium-sized water supply plant as well sewage treatment plant, etc..
       The headquarters of company is situated in downtown zone of Hangzhou City in Zhejiang which is well known as the “Paradise” with pretty scene and prosperous economy. The company is a water works project scientific research and development and manufacturing company comprised by more than ten holding companies and close co-operation companies including Hangzhou Water Industrial Products Production and Scientific Research Base, Yuhuan Purification Production Base, Yuhuan Sea Water Desalination Plant, Yuhuan Jishan Water Supply Plant, Yuhuan Purification Jincheng Water Works, Huangzhou Water Treatment Technical Development Center and design institutions. We have a number of outstanding engineering technical and management personnel, abundant capital, advanced production equipment, excellent testing technology, perfect management and service system, and a number of patented technologies and inventions patented products. All the products of our company have been determined as the “priority recommendation products” of China’s Water Supply and Drainage Association.
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  Add:Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Fai Road, East Building
           blocks of modern home buyers
Tel:0086-571-88334796 88334798 88334799 88334335